A Pro’s Way to Better Travel Pictures, 100 exquisite examples lucidly explained


A Pro’s Way to Better Travel Pictures
- 100 exquisite examples lucidly explained
By Björn Göttlicher

A Pro’s Path to Great Travel Pictures 100 Outstanding Images Expertly Explained The essence of good photography is seeing the perfect subject and then composing the picture. Some people master it naturally, without much effort, and those who have some difficulties can improve dramatically with guidance and practice. This visual eBook explains the principles of good photography using a large number of excellent color photos. It is a very personal book that lets you learn all about photographic intuition and ways to capture your travel memories. Your trips are amazing – why should your pictures be anything less?

Travel Photography E-Book at iTunes
Travel Photography E-Book at iTunes

Author’s foreword

One day, in the course of preparing for a lecture series, I set about categorizing the pictures I had accumulated for the past ten years as a travel photographer, so I began linking them to key words.
It soon turned into a game with a life of its own. Astonished by the material I had collected, I began to reflect on myself and my work. This led me to distill principles of photography that were second nature to me, but that I was now for the first time able to put in writing.
I had looked at a lot of books on travel photography and found that many were either out of touch with the real world or that they were too technical. Moreover, I seldom felt the passion and the fire that will blaze up in us when something totally absorbs our being.
With that, I think I have described the ingredients that went into this ebook. It blends my own experiences on the road with the requisite universal knowledge that, when skillfully applied, will take you from merely snapping photos to taking a good picture, which is a huge difference.
The essence of the good picture lies in the seeing and the composing. Some people master it without much effort, while those who might have more difficulty will find that how they see things can change with practice and experience.
Enjoy the read and may it inspire you!
Björn Göttlicher
Travel Photography - Björn Göttlicher

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